Planning a Family Safari in East Africa?

A family safari in East Africa is a holiday that will be remembered forever. Bespoke Safaris carefully hand pick camps and lodges in East Africa that welcome children, offering accommodation specifically designed for families, flexible mealtimes, children’s menus and most importantly, children’s activities suitable for different age levels, to help them see the wonders of the wilderness around them.

Bespoke Safaris ensures that every member of a family group gets the most out of their safari. We love nothing more than introducing children to the world that they love so much, showing them the animals but also imparting knowledge and a love of Africa, which will stick with them for life. We ensure that children have fun, develop an appreciation of their surroundings and encourage them to become the next custodians of this fragile planet.

Our many and varied local East African cultures all treasure children, and there are a variety of activities and wildlife to fascinate parents and children alike. What could be more exciting for a child than spotting their first lion, tracking little hoof or paw prints in the earth, learning how to throw a Masai spear, creating their own beaded jewellery, making fire with just sticks & elephant dung, roasting marshmallows over a camp-fire, or chasing crabs on a sandy white beach, seeing brightly coloured fish through goggles on our spectacular reefs? Imagine their excitement hearing wild animals outside their tent, the joy of having breakfast as a family in the wild, overlooking a pod of hippos in a river or watching their amazement as a herd of elephant pass meters from the safari vehicle….it’s a magical world to discover. These are just some of the many incredible experiences that await your family.

Many camps and lodges have wi-fi to stay connected to the outside world and kids can enjoy just a little screen time during those quiet moments on safari, especially toddlers and younger children that like to watch their favourite cartoons after dinner, giving Mum and Dad some time to unwind! For older children it can be a great learning tool…Google has many of the answers but your guide will have all the answers to your safari questions…to learn about the country they are exploring, the wildlife they encounter and the new cultures they are interacting with.

Some top tips when planning a safari; a few camps and lodges have a minimum age so to ensure Bespoke Safaris recommend suitable properties, we need to know children’s ages.  Depending how old the children are, and what kind of activities they enjoy, let us know if they like horse riding, mountain biking, sailing, water skiing and we will propose places that offer these types of experiences. Not very many camps and lodges have swimming pools so knowing which ones do, is important, there is nothing better than coming back from a game drive and jumping in the pool and splashing around as a family, especially when it’s hot!

From the wildlife to the incredible landscapes and the family friendly camps and lodges, East Africa is an amazing place for your next family safari. Bespoke Safaris encourage families to experience this magical part of the world, to reconnect and spend time together. We believe there is no better place to enjoy a truly memorable safari as a family!

We are happy to have a call with you and answer any questions you may have and advise on suitable options, it is an important part of the process when considering a safari and ensuring every little detail has been planned to have a safe, happy and incredible family holiday.

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